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Paolo Martini

Paolo Martini

Paolo Martini Paolo Martini, a partner at Cobleys Solicitors Ltd, is a highly experienced criminal lawyer and Solicitor-Advocate, who has dealt with some of the most serious cases in the criminal calendar. He works on a national basis and has been involved in high profile and widely reported cases throughout the country.

Paolo is known for his thorough and detailed approach, leaving no stone unturned in his quest to ensure that every opportunity is taken to forcefully put the client's case. Over the years many clients have had good cause to be grateful for Paolo's 'extra mile' attitude in their defence.

Paolo has built a particular expertise in cases of so called baby shaking syndrome. As well as his own wealth of experience he has built relationships with some of the most influential medical and forensic experts in the UK.

Paolo also deals with cases of murder, serious violence, serious and complex fraud, conspiracy, blackmail, organized crime and proceeds of crime etc.

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Potential new clients should not be put off by the fact he is based in Liverpool. Paolo has a client base across the country. The nature of his specialized area of work means that on one day he may be in Exeter Crown Court and the next day he may be in Newcastle Crown Court.

No potential client should ever think that his case is beyond any hope and the result is a formality. Paolo defended a client where it would be impossible to think of more compelling evidence - mobile telephone evidence, voice recognition, being named by the victims, being linked to the scene of the crime by fingerprints, and maybe most compelling of all the fact that he was arrested by armed police just hours after police had paid a ransom and the defendant was lying naked with his girlfriend in a bath with the ransom money spread around them! The result was so unexpected to the prosecution that the case was brought to the attention of the Home Secretary who passed comment which made the front pages of the broadsheets and led to a change in the law.

More and more prosecution cases now are based almost exclusively on scientific evidence - be it either mobile telephone cell site analysis or low template DNA for example - or financial evidence. Given Paolo's huge experience and involvement in what have proved to be ground breaking cases in scientific and forensic evidence there are few lawyers working in this country who can rival his knowledge or his network of the top experts working in both this country and across the globe. If you have a case which may appear to you to be hugely complicated the chances are that Paolo will have dealt with another case involving almost exactly the same issues, and requiring exactly the same expert help. Knowing that your defense lawyer has seen it all before must be a huge comfort and confidence boosting factor to any person who finds themselves a suspect in a police investigation or a defendant in a criminal case.

Paolo has extensive experience in advising clients in the police station. This is of huge benefit to the potential client as so many cases are won or lost at the police interview stage. Paolo has been involved in investigations where the police have drafted in the most experienced and specialized teams of investigators to conduct the interviewing process. One occasion comes to mind when the Major Incident Team employed the services of a specialist interviewing team from another force who specialised in interviewing Irish terrorist suspects. Paolo is expert at putting his client's mind at ease during the detention and police interview process as it is always a hugely stressful time for the client. Paolo is expert at getting them to think clearly and to understand the issues involved so that they are able to avoid panic and confusion during the interview process which in itself guarantees that the best defense goes on the record as soon as possible.

In recent times Paolo has become more and more involved in crown court advocacy. He will only represent his own clients where it is felt that it is in their very best interests. This affords his clients with the assurance that their advocate knows every single detail and angle of the case. And obviously Paolo will fight tooth and nail to ensure that the best possible case is presented on the client's behalf. Recently Paolo was the advocate appearing in the Court of Appeal in what was the biggest Attorney General's Reference.

On occasions it is tactically best for the client to employ the services of a barrister be they Queen's Counsel or senior junior counsel. Given Paolo's experience being involved in serious cases that have often attracted the interest of the national media he is now proud to say that he is close friends with some of the most highly regarded Queen's Counsel working in the Crown Courts today. If you need the help and representation of a top barrister you will be guaranteed that Paolo will be able to enroll the services of a counsel that will ensure that at the conclusion of the case you as the client will be utterly satisfied that your legal team respected and followed your instructions and presented your case in its best light.

The most notable development in criminal prosecutions is the tactical switch by the persecuting authorities not to just achieve convictions that lead to lengthy prison sentences but to concentrate on the seizure and confiscation of a person's assets. Paolo specializes in this area of law making his clients understand the mine field that is the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002. Paolo has been able to vary previously made confiscation orders where initially the client was responsible for the payment of hundreds of thousands of pounds and consequently years and years of extra prison time. The orders were varied to nominal sums and what makes these results even more impressive is the fact that throughout he has faced the sternest opposition from specialist prosecutors and even the original judge who made the confiscation order. He was recently involved in a case where the client's assets were said to be vast and hidden across the globe and total in excess of £23 million. The benefit was alleged to be in excess of £168 million! The Crown’s team was headed by Sir Derek Spencer QC who is one of the most senior and specialised counsel in the country employed by the Prosecution to deal with fraud and Proceeds of Crime Cases. After 2 years of hard fought litigation Paolo and the defence team he had assembled was able to reduce the benefit figure to a mere £242,442! The defence team persuaded the Court that the defendant, although being a 49% shareholder in a company which he set up, should be treated as a mere employee. Originally the Crown was arguing that the defendant had hidden his assets around the globe. Paolo and his team persuaded the court to assess the defendant’s assets at £175,000! In such cases he likes to work closely with Nic Johnson QC who was the Queen's Counsel who successfully changed the law relating to when confiscation applications which had not been properly adjourned could not proceed. He saved clients literally millions of pounds. The success was such that the Government quickly changed the law to plug the loop-hole.

Paolo has built up a very successful private practice of representing those clients who have been convicted of murder whilst being represented by other solicitors. He works closely with Michael Wolkind QC. They have successfully persuaded the Court of Appeal to reconsider convictions and sentences where previously senior Queen's Counsel and even the Court of Appeal itself had determined that the conviction was safe and the case closed.

If you do have any questions of him whether he can help you with your case please contact him on:
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